Why Do We Give Up So Early On Our Goals?

By | August 12, 2014

I recently purchased a used copy of “Awaken the Giant Within” off amazon (I highly recommend reading it).

Grab a copy here: Anthony Robbins

When the book arrived I opened it up and noticed that whoever owned this book before me took notes on the side, underlined key points, and circled other important tips.

urlI think a lot of people would have been upset buying a book in this condition but I found it to be really cool. I also take notes, fold pages, and circled points that are important to me.

In this case I also was able to see what was important to the book’s previous owner. This person showed me several important tips in the book that I may have overlooked.

Page after page was filled with notes from the previous owner and myself. While I was absorbing the books content I came to chapter eight and realized the previous owners notes had stopped.

I went back to see where their notes had stopped and it was one page before chapter 3! How can a person that seemed to be so motivated for change give up before chapter 3?

When we set our goals we have to remember why we set them! Anything worth having will not come easily but if we focus on why we need to achieve our goals we won’t give up on them!

If I never took action again after my financial loss over 10 years ago I would still be running a business that made me miserable, surrounded by peers that brought me down living an unhealthy unfulfilled life.

Anyone can live the lifestyle of his or her dreams! Take action, surround yourself with positive peers, and never lose focus of why you want to win the game of life!

I did it and so can you. What changes are you working on in your life right now?

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