My eBay Marketing Experience

By | August 26, 2014

My thirty-day classified ad that I took out on eBay just ended. I marketed a retail property on eBay for 30 days, and the property did not sell using this technique.

Here is what my ad did tell me:

  • Over 30 days I had 1320 page views (that’s a lot of potential customers).
  • 27 of them had my property on their watch list.
  • Only 3 tire kickers contacted me about more info on the property.

I have always had good results in the past selling distressed homes or seller financed deals on eBay. Seeing that I had over 1300 page views I will continue to market turnkey, as well as distressed properties. I may just need to tweak the sales, and description page for better results in the future.

A few tips for marketing on eBay

Never try to sell your property on an eBay auction! I lost hundreds of dollars trying this and “no name, low feedback” eBayer’s will bid your properties way up then bail at the auctions end.

This creates a headache for you, as eBay will hit you with auction fees even if you didn’t get paid. You will have to file an “unpaid item” and wait for eBay to refund your money. No fun!

Do not market your properties as a “buy it now” for similar reasons listed above. I have tried this as well, and a few days into the listing (that I paid over $100.00 for), another no name buyer opted to “buy it now” which ended the ad. I was unable to get ahold of them to sell or transfer the property. “Online haters creating problems!”

eBay classified ads are where it’s at! For roughly $150.00 your ad is up for 30 days and the potential buyers only option is to contact you for more info or to complete the sale!

I will market the new deals I have available on eBay this week. I’ll share follow-up posts on what has worked and what to avoid saving you money on your marketing efforts!

Have you ever tried marketing through eBay? 

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