19 Investment Properties In 2014

By | December 28, 2014

TAT-podcast-FB-30019 Homes purchased this year!

One of my 2014 goals was to invest in 10 properties for the year. I was so determined to make this happen that by June I already accomplished this goal! Feeling really good and ambitious I figured why not double this!
I pushed and set out to invest in 20 homes! I’m close to doubling this as I’m at 19 with 3 days left in this year. Now I may not hit 20 like I set out to do but really I already won big!
I stayed focused and accomplished in 6 months what I set out to do in 12 months. The additional 9 just reminded me of what really is possible when you focus on something.

Here is a list of properties I invested in this year along with the investment strategy I used on each:

Arcade Ave “Fix and Flip”
East 59th “Fix and Flip”
Trowbridge ave “Buy and Hold”
Crennell Ave “Fix and Flip”
West 41st “Fix and Flip”
Revere Ave “Buy and Hold”
East 144 “Wholesale”
East 53rd “Buy and Hold”
Reno Ave “Buy and Hold”
Damon ave “Fix and Flip”
Lamontier ave “Buy and Hold”
East 44 “Fix and Flip”
Jenne ave “Buy and Hold”
East 143 “Buy and Hold”
Lakeview “Buy and Hold”
East 66th “Note Deal”
Elwell ave “Wholesale”
East 144 duplex “Buy and Hold”
East 242 “Note Deal”

I’m sharing this so you can set your 2015 goals and not only accomplish them but potentially go much further them you originally anticipated!

My team and I are working on our “Taking Action Today” goal setting program.
This complete system will have a free ebook that will share simple strategies you can start immediately to improve your life style and challenge you to really crush your goals!
We also have an ebook that will go much deeper on the subject of
Healthy lifestyle, Positive peers, Investing for financial freedom, accountability apps and the Power of podcasts
On top of all this I will have a 1 on 1 accountability coaching program. This is where we will map out your goals for 2015 and chunk them down into simple steps so you can achieve everything you set out to do!

For more details on this program please email me: michaelalder34@gmail.com

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      I would love to be involved with your fun in real esatte however I have no job or car or home so I cant do anything like all of your students do at this time. maybe oneday If my life gets back on track. sincerely sad. Veronica .


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