Can Acting Different Really Create Wealth

By | August 7, 2015

goals picThe other day I had the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with a decamillionaire for about five minutes
When you get down to the point of things and there’s no BS in the middle you can learn a tremendous amount in five minutes with somebody that’s doing far bigger things than you are

He’s a hard money lender in my area living in the affluent neighborhood in Cleveland and then in Naples Florida in the winter time.

I always wondered if he was second-generation wealth since held such a high net worth. I found out he actually grew up in Maple Heights a blue-collar neighborhood in north east Ohio. He went on to tell me that his first job was being a caddie in Solon Ohio for some very wealthy people. His first day on the job he carried golf clubs that weighed more than him but while overlooking the parking lot he could see a fleet of Cadillac’s and Lincoln’s pulling in driven by gentlemen dressed to the “T” He now saw how the other side lived and he wanted it!

Growing up in Maple Heights he knew he would just achieve average income if he followed all of his neighbors, friends and family. He made a point to surround himself with people that were doing far bigger things then he was doing so he had no choice but to grow bigger!

This HML told me the secret to wealth was one simple strategy:

Do the opposite of what average people do!

He gave examples of:
Most people like to sleep in so you need to wake up early
Most people don’t exercise you must exercise
People work five days a week totaling 40 hours, be willing to work seven days a week with more hours per week
Nobody invest or pays attention to their investments. He told me to invest aggressively and wisely. Seek advice from people that are already making millions of dollars and not advice from your broke peers!

The gentleman I’m speaking of now has over 55 rental properties and over $10 million in Hardmoney loans on the streets. He owns waterfront property in one the most affluent neighborhoods in Cleveland and is now building a house on the golf course in Naples Florida.

I’ve said countless times on this blog and I’ll continue to say it:

Always network with people that can help you achieve your goals.

If your goal is to live an average lifestyle that’s fine, surround yourself with average peers but if you want to have an amazing lifestyle surround yourself with amazing people that have already achieved awesomeness!
Listen more than you speak and take massive action on what they’ve already done.

If somebody’s already done it you can do it too. It really is that simple.

Follow their strategies and take actions on their suggestions. Track where you are now and where you are a year from now. If you truly take action you will be amazed at how much you achieve in 12 months.

My challenge to you is to go out and meet somebody or connect with somebody that’s doing greater things that you’d love to network with. Ask them how you can add value to their life. Be willing to listen to what they have built and how they have grown. Take action on their strategies and help them go bigger in their business. This is your gateway to success get in there and start taking action today!

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