“It Was All A Dream” (and an infomercial)

By | August 13, 2015



Did you like the Biggie reference? This week Steven Koss came into the studio to interview me on my journey of becoming a successful real estate investor

In this episode we learn:
How infomercials were a huge influence on me
That my success came from walking 6 miles uphill every day after work (kinda true)
How taking MASSIVE ACTION without a plan cost me big!
After losing big, what I did to prepare myself for success on round 2

If you struggled to take action as an investor or have suffered losses and are hesitant to get back in the game you do not want to miss this!

Steven leaves no stone unturned! We cover:
Having positive relationships
Staying focused
Morning routines
Healthy eating
Goal crushing
Strategies for newbies
Raising private money
Finding and hiring mentors
And everything in between!

I had a blast hanging out with Steven in the studio on this one! Connect with Steven on Facebook

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Stay tuned for many more episodes & enhancements. Enjoy the show!

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