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RESS: Real Estate Marketing Ninja Move

By | July 25, 2016

Stay ahead of the competition! Listen in and utilize this ninja move to explode your real estate business Keep up up date with our latest real estate strategies by signing up at

RESS: How I Closed 8 Deals In 14 Days

By | July 22, 2016

Are you ready to close 8 deals in 14 days? If so then listen in as I share exactly what it takes to get this done. I also share a ninja move I’m working on that involves Rich Dad Poor Dad and eBay. Click below to dust off a copy for yourself RICH DAD POOR DAD

RESS: 3 Steps To Passive Income

By | July 15, 2016

As promised, here is the 3 quick steps to passive income. I used this strategy over the weekend to triple my investment SOOOOO, If you like nice returns then this is the episode for you CLICK HERE and grab the complete course for only $5.00 Or if you love fiverr as much as I do you can grab a copy off there as well by CLICKING HERE Email me directly… Read More »

RESS: Tap Into The Passive Income Vault

By | July 12, 2016

You know that feeling you get when you try countless strategies that just do not scale your business then FINALLY you crack the code and things explode (in a good way) I had that experience over the weekend with a new investing niche I tapped into Listen in to hear the strategies and be sure to stop by and take things to the next level.

RESS: The Tenant From Hell Came Back

By | July 5, 2016

I believe everyone loves a good psycho tenant story so here is mine. I aim to entertain with this one so let me know if you can relate THE TENANT FROM HELL CAME BACK! I was enjoying an early walk with my wife when Jason sent me a text about meeting our new tenant today. I hate vacant units so I was all about moving someone in this morning. Jason… Read More »

RESS: 1.9 Million In Sales This Month

By | June 28, 2016

Yep that title is correct, listen in and hear about the massive goal crushing a member of my network had this month Need more motivation so you can do the same? Stop by and ignite that flame inside of you

RESS: Make 100 Offers This Month

By | June 25, 2016

Alright Alright Alright It’s challenge time! I challenge you to make 100 offers over the next 45 days, if you do it will result in PROFITS Bury your fears, listen in and make it happen If you are lacking motivation stop by as we have a few really cool freebies over there If you are already doing this hit me up and share at

RESS: Listen More Talk Less

By | June 21, 2016

Here It Is! An overlooked secret to success in real estate, business and life in general Listen in and take advantage of this extremely powerful, highly effective completely free strategy that can change things today Connect with me at Grab some free stuff by visiting

RESS: Stop Thinking Too Small

By | June 17, 2016

Hey Hey, Thanks For Listening In! So Check it out, I made an amateur mistake in my meeting yesterday morning by thinking too small. I didn’t blow the deal but my presentation was far too small for the guy I wanted to invest in me. Listen in to hear what happened. Also I came up on an extra copy of mark Evans DM book “Virtual Real Estate Investing Made Easy”… Read More »

RESS: It’s A Buying Frenzy In Cleveland

By | June 13, 2016

That’s right, it is a buying frenzy in Cleveland Ohio right now! Listen in to hear about what is trending in my market right now, which investors to follow on periscope and utilizing assistants ans VA’s to streamline your business Follow me on periscope @michaelalder34 Grab our new freebies at