5 Easy Steps To Find The Right Mentor For You

By | January 10, 2016

re mentorThere is no doubt that by doing a quick search on YouTube the answers to all your questions can be found online for free but nothing beats having someone that can hold your hand and guide you to the next level in your business and life.

To this day I hire coaches and attend mastermind groups to hold me accountable on my business goals. I always want to expand my education and learn new strategies to increase my income.

To me more cash flow equals more time freedom!

Having said that you do not want to hire any guru to coach you in your business or personal life. Many are just information marketers and don’t have the life experience to back it up.

Before you commit any hard dollars on hiring your next coach follow these quick steps to be sure you are not wasting money on another information marketing guru

1) Never hire the “Big Fish” or sign up for their high end over priced masterminds.

I’m talking about Yancey, Montelongo… I’m sure these guys have done deals in their day but do you think by giving them $25,000+ to get coached by them is going to help?


You will get some downloadable videos and audios that you can find online for free (or at a very low cost) then their team member who sits in a cubicle all day telling you about living the dream life will be the one coaching you on investment strategies!

Instead that $25k investment could be put towards your next deal teaching you more by just getting your hands dirty!

2) Listen to podcasts!

This is a great place to start! You want to get advice from someone who’s story you can relate to. This potential mentor should of gone through similar situations as you are currently going through and figured out a way to turn things around taking their business and life to the next level!

Podcasts have guests to share their journey from “rags to riches” every week.

You will hear about where they came from, what they were after in life and what they did to achieve their dreams.

At the end of every show they will announce their site so you can connect with them. If you like what they shared on the show and you feel you could learn a lot more from them it’s time for you to…

3) Grab Their Freemium

A freemium is downloadable information you will get in exchange for your email address. If you are reading this you may of been interrupted by my annoying pop up “15 Days to 50K” that is my freemium sharing how to get private funding for your real estate deals!

Download the freemium from people you feel you can really connect with and consume their free content. If the information you exchanged your email address for is really great then keep this person on your list. If the info is some repackaged nonsense you’ve heard a million times you may want to cut them from your list.

Remember you are looking for someone that will really deliver the “goods” so you can get results in your business

4) Sample Their Next Level Book or Program

We are getting closer to decision time! Before you put up the big money for the “one on one” coaching purchase your potential mentors book or program and put it to the test! An ebook at most will not cost more then $30.00 and most programs will cap out around $197.00. Make a small investment in this and really give it your all.

Take real action on the strategies shared in the paid programs for a minimum of 30 days and track everything! Review after 30 days and gauge your results. Are you ahead of the game?

If the information shared in their paid product really helped you “move the needle” in your life and business and you feel this person can get you to the next level then it’s time for step 5

5) Schedule a FREE Call!

Depending on how big and busy this projected mentor of yours is it could take up to 2 weeks to actually get on the phone with them and you may only get 15 to 30 minutes of their time.

This is ok and completely understandable.

The purpose of the free call is to see how well you connect with them and how they really make you feel!

It would be really crappy if you spent $5,000 just to find out the guy or gal you hired is a world class douche bag! You want to be sure you can spend the next few months of your life being coached by this person and be thrilled with the investment you made in this. If the call left you feeling amazing break out that card and hire your new coach!

If you make this investment you better commit to your success! Countless people pay $1,000s in coaching programs and do NOTHING with what they’ve learned!
Don’t be that person do what ever it takes to get your life and business to the next level today

Check out my resources page to view some of the freemium’s my friends are offering

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