My First Affiliate Commission From Amazon!

By | September 2, 2014

I’m already yacht shopping!

I’m always looking for new ways to create passive income and I recently started affiliate marketing through amazons affiliate program.

On a tiny test run I sent out some information about an Anthony Robbins book that I’m reading with an affiliate link to amazon for it.

Bam someone bought it and I made bank!!

How much you ask?? I pulled in $0.45 from the sale!! Now before you stop reading check this out. The dollar amount means nothing obviously, but it showed me proof that this really works.

I’ve turned to the giants that are living off affiliate income and have started my blueprint to scale this tremendously. Aside from my journey to create passive income from my Real Estate investments, I will also share everything I’m doing with affiliate marketing.

This will include details on getting started, how I’m getting traffic, and how much I’m making. All my techniques I’m trying will be shared in my posts. The good and the bad!

If you’re new to this, I don’t want you to make any unnecessary costly mistakes (I’ll handle those for you lol). You can follow the steps that worked for me so that your time, and money are spent wisely!

If you are already in affiliate marketing share your first commission story with me. If you are new to this, and ready to learn more, check out Chris Guthrie book “How to make money as an amazon associate” it’s only $2.99 on amazon now.

Have you made any money with affiliate marketing? 

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