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By | July 29, 2014

I have to share this technique I just used last week to get my phone ringing off the hook! I won’t keep you in suspense; It’s called BANDIT SIGNS!! You’re probably thinking, “o geez thanks for the great tip Mike” I know stay with me here.

photoI picked up 20 blank signs and had my daughter write, “CASH 4 HOUSES” on the front and back of each one along with my phone number. I then looked for abandoned houses (not hard to find in Cleveland) on busy streets and placed my signs in the front yard.

I know what you’re thinking: “But Mike what if the owner sees your sign in their property?” No worries!

I did a quick check on county records from my phone to be sure the houses were banked owned. What if I was wrong?

A livid owner would call me asking why my sign was in her front yard? I would explain that I wanted to buy her home and didn’t know how else to contact her. I would then ask are you interested in selling?? I will ALWAYS make an offer!

Now that hasn’t happened yet but here is what did happen in 3 days. On the buying side I received two excellent leads.

The first was for a small two-bedroom, 1 bath tenant occupied property. When I asked what he wanted for the house he told me just make an offer and if its good we will do it. That’s good! I’ll start at $2,000 and find out his level of motivation.

The second was a call for a property in Collinwood. The seller’s father left him the house in livable condition and he didn’t want it so he is asking $7500.00! This area is becoming so hot I may not even negotiate his price!

These calls were the reason I placed the signs but something else happened that I didn’t expect. I received countless calls from my signs that clearly say “CASH 4 HOUSES.”

Since I placed the signs in the front yards of those abandoned houses, people started calling me asking if I was the owner of this house or that house and how much I wanted for it?

I had to explain that I was trying to get the owner’s attention to buy the house and I was not the real owner. I would then switch the conversation and ask if they were ready to buy a house?

How much are you willing to spend? Do you like rehab deals or turn-key properties? BAM!

Lead generating signs along with growing my cash buyers list and had VERY little money invested!! I will ramp up my marketing using this technique. The response has been excellent with such a minimal cost.

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Have you ever used Bandit Signs in your marketing efforts? 

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