Where Should I Spend My Marketing Dollars?

By | July 18, 2014

Doesn’t it suck when you spend money on ads that don’t work? I know for a fact that it does because I have been there too many times. There is nothing worse than spending hard-earned money on marketing that does not deliver deals! So here are the big questions…

imagesWhat type of marketing will deliver the best results??

How much should I spend each month on marketing??

I’m going to find out for you! This month I plan on spending my money on several different marketing techniques to find out what will really bring the best results! I will be doing an in-depth case study to find our what’s working in today’s marketplace. I’ll be releasing my results in a series here on my blog. Trust me, you’re now going to want to miss it!

Here are some of the ads that I will be doing:

  • eBay ads
  • Click2mail postcards
  • Yellow letters,
  • Bandit signs and more

So why am I doing this?

First reason is that I’m only seven deals away from doubling my 2014 investment goals! I looked at the numbers and couldn’t believe it! The second reason is so we all know what ads really do bring in the deals! There’s too much hype and fluff out there. I’m tired of seeing people blow their budgets on garbage marketing.

There will be follow-up posts about how much I spent with each company, how their service was, what style ad I used and how much traffic each one generated! This will be a very specific and in-depth case study that you’ll be able to study and use. My number one goal here is to cut through the fluff and give you information that can help you rock your Real Estate business.

What kind of marketing have you used?

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