My Story: The Beginning of My Turn Around

By | June 24, 2014

After feeling stuck for so long  I went on a personal development journey! I was looking for something that would help me see what I was doing wrong and take me from being unfulfilled to living an extraordinary life!

10492586_526275957478628_64166272924549681_nThe first program I came across was Anthony Robbins “get the edge” and “personal power”  I was so excited when the 14 days to change your life CD’s showed up! I listened to each one and did everything he suggested(I still listen to them to this day). Fun fact: You have to actually do these personal development exercises to experience change in your life!

From there I was feeling better but I wanted so much more. I read books and listened to countless audio programs by the Guru’s of fitness, healthy eating, personal development, finance and of course Real estate!

As I fixed my inner self by eating healthy, working out daily with my fitness coach (who happens to be my wife) and building my self esteem my business and home life had a major turn around! I was more focused, I became better negotiator, started making more money and as crazy as it sounds I woke up early feeling great everyday! I also changed my peer group from the miserable lazy nay sayer types to true “go getters” I was invited to join investment clubs made up of individuals that held personal connections and financial status much larger than I thought was possible. When you associate with winners you have no choice but to become a winner!

You’re probably here because you also want to invest in real estate and live an amazing life! I can help!

This is the place to learn how to:

Bounce back from past “failures”

Build your confidence and negotiating skills

Simple steps to complete your first real estate investment deal

To create your killer lifestyle

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