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TAT-podcast-FB-300What is up?!?!

I’ve have just ended my much needed vacation and am flying back to Cleveland while typing this!!

First off you may not know this about me but cold weather and lack of sunshine brings me DOWN! I’m always a positive guy but the sub zero temperatures were getting the better of me!

If you live in a cold climate and can relate to winter depression hit me up and I’ll share a few strategies I use to keep myself focused and positive. Or if you have a routine that helps you beat it I’d love to hear about it!

I was set to record a few episodes of Taking Action Today before I left but decided To postpone them till I get back. I wanted to recharge, refocus and really bring it for you listeners!
I’m glad I did! While I was gone and feeling amazing from warm weather I reached out to real estate rock stars and online entrepreneurs that I know will motivate you to create passive income and live your freedom lifestyle!

Speaking of passive income let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects “MONEY”

I had a property that I negotiated a great purchase price on and it was an absolute winner in my portfolio. I made a really poor business decision and rented it out to some of my “down on their luck” family members. They didn’t pay me a dime in rent for over 3 months and trashed the place! After attorney fees, lost rent and having to rehab the property again my total losses were just over $3500.00! OUCH!
Here is where things get good, my team did such a good job cleaning the place up that I was able to increase the rent by $150.00 per month and I still have $25,000 in equity!! Woop Woop!
While I was away my team member Jon S placed the new tenant for me and collected $1400.00 in cash from this property for me!


Staying on the subject of money, I tried something different while on vacation. I wanted to earn problem free passive income while on the beach with my wife and kids! The first thing I did was shut down my flooring company while I was gone. Over the years I had never shut it down and because of this I was busy trouble shooting situations all day long instead of enjoying time with my family. I’ve owned this business for 18 years shutting it down for a few weeks wasn’t not going to hurt anything!
So how was I going to earn passive income while I was gone? Aside from my performing investments paying me passively (rental property & real estate secured notes) I recently started a new business with my wife doing retail arbitrage using Amazons FBA program. This was taught to me by Travis Scott before Christmas and I’ve become really good at sourcing amazing deals to earn big profits on!
Before I left I loaded up 12 large boxes with winning products and sent them to Amazon to be resold while I was gone. The results were great! $1065.16 week 1 and $909.42 while I was in Orlando airport about to head home in week 2 total gross profit was $1974.58 while on vacation and my net profit from that is $987.28. What’s great about this is the work was already done! If there was a problem Amazon handled it NOT ME. I just sat back and enjoyed receiving notifications of all the sales that were made for me! This is a business worth exploring!

Side Hustle Nations Nick Loper and my fellow side hustler Alex Barker have both shared that make money selling gigs on Now I have purchased gigs on fiverr but have always though there is no way you would get me to do something on there for only $5.00.
If my fellow hustlers are on there selling gigs then there must be something to this. I changed my thinking to what would I do for only $5.00?
I shot a few short how to videos on my phone and sold each one for $5.00 each. Total gross sales $40.00 net profit being $32.00. It gave me “proof of concept” and was fun to do but I would recommend this as a hobby income.

Moving forward

Blogging takes a tremendous amount of time that I do not have so I hired 2 content writers for my sites and Carpet expert blueprint shares everything you would ever need to know about the carpet biz including how to install carpet videos and real estate guru reviews we just started. This “guru” site will provide info about your favorite real estate guru and offer their programs to you at STEEP discounts! Both are info sites designed to create passive income through Adsense and amazon affiliate income for me!

I will still be doing the writing for Taking Action Today. So when you notice typos, grammar errors and slang it’s just me being me.

I’m pumped about the podcast, I’m after anyone that will motivate and share a MAP (massive action plan) to freedom! I will have every one of them share a strategy so you can start Taking Action Today!!

It’s shopping time! I’ve been preoccupied with so many projects that I haven’t made time to shop great deals. Now that my head is cleared I’m on the prowl and ready to make my crazy offers!! I have more fun doing the negotiations as that’s where the money is made!

This was a real eye opener for me while I was gone! After making those sales and having a team take care of any potential problems, this stress free biz is worth scaling!
I reached out to a private investor I’ve done business with for years, shared what was going on and he is putting up thousands to grow the business much faster.

“Networking is Key”

So there you have it, we are almost through the first quarter of 2015. Go bigger then you think is possible! Hit me up and share your 2015 strategies with me, if you need a coach CLICK HERE and we will set a plan to achieve your freedom goals!


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