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IMG_5583-M-275vOver the years I have studied countless super successful individuals from all industries to learn their secrets to success! They all agree the big difference between achievers and average Joe’s is their ENERGY!!

It’s no secret that top athletes, successful entrepreneurs, real estate investors and amazing negotiators are great at what they do because of all the energy they have to kick butt in their field of expertise all day long!!

I first learned this concept from Anthony Robbins and as I implemented what he had taught I noticed massive change in my personal and business life! I knew I had to learn the all the secrets to staying full of energy all day long!

Drink loads of Red Bull, Monster energy, Rock star followed by a jumbo coffee and you will be good to go!!

I’M KIDDING!! That may work for an hour but I think your heart will explode shortly after!!

Here is my story on how I stay positive and full of energy all day!

A few years ago I came across Anthony Robbins programs and I decided to Take Action and change my life! Within his Get the Edge Journal day 1 is Hour of Power where he shares that you must start your day early and immediately start moving (exercise is key!).
This will take some discipline at first. After a week you will crave this and it will be exciting to start your day early!
Quick tips: When starting out it will be easy to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep. Because of this I slept in my workout clothes with my shoes at the foot of my bed. When my alarm went off I would jump into my shoes and be ready to go!
If you never workout, do not worry about having to wake up and go crazy lifting weights, just start walking! If you can, go outside and walk that is ideal! If it’s not ideal to walk around your neighborhood at 5 AM due to crime or weather then pace around your home. I live in the burbs of Cleveland OH so we encounter months of temperatures in the teens! Because of this I’ll stay in and pace around my house or pick a video from my workout library.
Day 4 of Anthony Robbins Get the Edge is Pure Energy Live where he covers eating habits and drinking green drinks that will give you energy all day long! This is the foundation to feeling great and staying motivated!
Next Tip: If you are anything like I was, making a smoothie at 5:00 AM sounds like a lot of work! Before you go to bed have your blender on the counter, ready to go with your ingredients mixed and bagged so your morning smoothie is not a challenge to create. Note: When preparing the night before mix your vegetables with comparable veggies, fruits with fruits and powders with powders.otherwise you will wake up to a big bag of gross!
You can add powder supplements like Wheat Grass PlantFusion Protein Beet Juice Powder and Hawaiian Spirulina Powder
My wife (who was always into fitness) would wake up with me, drink a coffee and make a green drink for the road! We started walking for 3 miles around our neighborhood every morning, enjoying our time together and discussing plans to up our game! This was great as I was able to clear my head to focus on my plans to expand my business.
Living outside of Cleveland, winter showed up fast as it always does and the walks became less fun. My wife suggested I do a cardio workout with her in the morning to stay on track (she typically did mid day) called TURBO FIRE

Bro!!?? Turbo Fire is a chick workout!

Ha! I know this but I was soaked from head to toe after every workout. It also gave me time with my wife and it picked up my heart rate leaving me feeling more energized and motivated to take on the day!!

I became hooked on the high working out gave me. Having this level of energy made me feel more confident a far better negotiator then I had ever been! I was ready for more!

I came across a guy named Shaun T that showed massive levels of energy and I was ready to learn from him. If you don’t know him by name I’m sure you’ve seen his program called Insanity. Now I didn’t start with Insanity but I purchased his shorter version of it called T25. This program was it for me!

If I wasn’t running in the morning I would start everyday with a T25 video from my fitness library. This literally kept me motivated till late afternoon and if I happened to have an important meeting in the evening I would workout again then eat well, drink a shake and I was ready to go again!

We all know it really is this simple to make a massive change in our lives but we do not make the time to do so! We all deserve to live a happy, energized and fulfilled lifestyle so here is my 30 day challenge to you:

Starting today spend 15 to 30 minutes moving then tomorrow morning wake up at least 15 minutes earlier and begin the process first thing!

Add a healthy drink to your morning routine full of fruits and vegetables

Challenge yourself daily to do a slightly longer more intense workout each day and eliminate the fast food

Track your progress daily to see the results

If you are not feeling energized and more fulfilled after 30 days send me your 30 day progress report and I’ll send you a $20.00 McDonald’s gift card to get you back to your old routine ASAP!

Also, for the month of December I will be donating 100% of all affiliate commissions I earn to We sometimes tend to forget how rough some families really have it so with your help I would like to make a difference for as many as possible this year!


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