Better Then Any Seminar! This Is The Best Of “Taking Action Today!”

By | September 20, 2015



This is the best of “Taking Action Today!” How cool would it be to get Engelo Rumora, Emerich Herbst, Brandon Turner, Matt Theriault, Justin Williams, Andy McFarland, Roosevelt Goodman, J Massey, Dan Perelman, Brad Weber and Joshua McGinnis into a room and get there investment strategies? Lets be real, getting these rock star’s schedules to line up for an event like this would be difficult so I did the next best thing! We went back and pulled out the top strategies shared by our previous guests and compiled an ultimate real estate investing summit!

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Engelo Rumora
Emerich Herbst
Brandon Turner
Matt Theriault
Justin Williams
Andy McFarland
Roosevelt Goodman
J Massey
Dan Perelman
Brad Weber
Joshua McGinnis

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Stay tuned for many more episodes & enhancements. Enjoy the show!

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