Master Real Estate Negotiator Lo Sheriow Shares How To Build Your Wholesaling Business TODAY!

By | September 10, 2015



This weeks featured guest is Lo Sheriow
I connected with Lo over periscope a few weeks back and quickly seen she is without a doubt the real deal in real estate! After seeing the tremendous amount of value she shared on her channel I had to bring her on the show to learn her behind the scenes strategies to become so successful in this business!

I learned very quickly that Lo is a master negotiator. She started with very little money to invest in a mentor so she traded “sweat equity” and added massive value to other investors in exchange for guidance that enabled her to close her first deal netting her $2500.00! Fast forward to this year and Lo is averaging 7 deals per month!

We also cover:
Power of networking
Direct mail strategies
Lo’s strategy to gain massive referrals
Action steps to successfully wholesale houses
Zillow’s “free leads” strategy to wholesale more deals this year!
Importance of using title companies and attorneys for closings

Resources mentioned:
Bandit Signs
Google Voice

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Stay tuned for many more episodes & enhancements. Enjoy the show!

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