Huge Returns Selling Products Online with Travis Scott

By | January 4, 2015

TAT-podcast-FB-300I bet you were just thinking

“How can I bring in a little more money every month??”

Who hasn’t thought that before?

With all the expenses we encounter every month it would be nice to create an extra income.


You need to meet my buddy Travis Scott from

A few months ago I drove to Columbus Ohio for a meet and greet hosted by Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.

This was one of the smartest things I did last year as not only did I meet Pat Flynn but I was also introduced to a handful of entrepreneurs with all different backgrounds in the online world!

What’s funny is I set out to personally meet every person in that room and I did except for one person… Travis Scott

When I attend meetups I always try to connect with and capture everyone’s contact info as you never know who you can help achieve their goals and who will help you with yours!

This paid off big for me!!

Although I didn’t meet Travis in Columbus I captured his contact info and we connected on twitter. It turns out Travis lives near me in the Cleveland burbs and we decided to meet up at Starbucks to share the strategies we have been working on in our businesses this year.

I found out Travis has created a very respectable income buying products on clearance then reselling these products on Amazon for big returns!

He also has a step by step Amazon FBA Course sharing how he does it!

I’ve had an interest in entering the Amazon market after seeing the income streams Adam Craig and Jessica Larrew achieved on Amazon platform so I picked up Travis’ course and put it to the test!

Yea it works!!

First off I’m a tech dummy, his step by step video series is so easy to follow I had no problem getting set up!


I hate shopping in stores for clearance items to resell for a profit


Travis shows you how to shop deals online to resell on amazon. I love that option!

Lets talk about the best part MONEY
Following the strategies that Travis teaches I have made a minim of 25% return and as much as 110% on products!
Amazon tracks all of your sales and wires you your funds every 2 weeks!

WOW, A no BS course you can do part time from home and that produces instant results!!?!?

Now I’m sure you are thinking I’m getting a piece of the action to promote Travis and his Amazon FBA Course.


I am not an affiliate and Travis has no clue that I’m sharing this post. This is just my way of thanking him!

I will only promote something I’ve personally tested and received positive results


I’ve learned that when I share great things and help people achieve their goals it always comes back to me in BIG ways.

Pick up Travis Scott’s program HERE and boost your income in 2015!!

They are running a New Years promotion where you can purchase it for only $10.00! If that doesn’t interest you then you have too much money and we need to hang out!! Lol

Go to to meet Travis Scott and follow EVERYTHING he has going on.

If you purchase the course and actually take action on it, please email me to share your results

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