Hey Mike, I Have $25,000 For You

By | May 1, 2015

Believe it or not these are the type of phone calls I get these days. Three years ago I never would’ve imagined this happening to me but persistence, hard work and actually doing what you said you’re going to do pays off!

An investor I’ve done business with over the years called me up the other day and said “Hey Mike, I have an extra $25,000 can you put it to work for me?”

Back in the day I used to have to schedule meetings, sit down with investors, layout big portfolios and promised them everything that they would get in return for loaning me money to buy property.

When you actually do what you promised people you’re going to do word travels fast and this pays off big!
I’m always looking for new investments and buy new properties so this was great for me! The investor had an extra $25,000 that they wanted a 12% annual return on for over three years. I average 30% returns on my rental properties so paying 12% is not a big deal. This particular investor actually wired me the money before the paperwork was even done! That is trust!
I used the $25,000 to buy another duplex which throws off $1100.00 a month and then the balance of the money was invested in my Amazon physical products business.

The take away from this post is it may take a while to get up and running. It may take some convincing and a high rate of return to get your first investor to fund your deal but when you do exactly what you say you’re going to do, you always deliver and you’re never late on payments the floodgates of money open up to you. I honestly don’t try to get money anymore. Investors contact me with money and I put it to work. How did this happen? It is because of my track record. The investors that come to me and the ones I deal with know that if all goes bad I will not eat until they are paid and that’s the reality.

When you have that mindset and work that hard for your investors money will come to you and abundant amounts. Write your action plan, have as many details as possible and start approaching investors today make your first deal happen then reinvest those profits to grow your business even faster!

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