Haters Are Working Overtime In 2015

By | January 6, 2015

Yep, we are not even one full week into the new year and the haters are in attack mode! Yesterday, my leasing agent calls me with something we all love to hear

Mike, I’ve got good news and bad news!”

I always request the bad first! Who wants to hear something good then have it smashed by something negative! He goes on to tell me that a property we just finished was broke into and the copper plumbing was stolen! Now the good news is we have a potential buyer for this property woop woop!!

I hate setbacks! And to be completely honest I was really pissed off for about 15 minutes. Then I got to thinking and analyzed this situation.

As of writing this it’s freezing in Cleveland! Someone broke into my property in the middle of an insanely cold night by smashing through a window. Then they had to climb over broken glass to get into the property without cutting themselves. Next they shut off the water and drained the pipes (yep, these were respectable thieves). Finally they took the time to cut the pipes, carry them out the side door into the cold and scrap them for $20.00 to $30.00 cash.

I could not help but laugh when I put this into perspective. While they were freezing and working their asses off for $25.00 I was at my home located on a nice street, surrounded by my cool neighbors, sleeping in my warm bed next to my awesome wife with my 4 healthy sleeping kids upstairs.

Then this really got me thinking how good things really are!

My cars start everyday (knock on wood)
I have very wealthy business partners backing me
Friends and family supporting me
My list goes on and on so why the hell would I get upset about a small break in??

I won’t and it certainly will not set me back!

Now that I’m done ranting the purpose of this is to share that no matter what you set out to do HATERS will show up to set you back!

People that have nothing but time to steal, scheme and put others down are HATERS and they live miserable lives!

If this is the year you planned on purchasing your first investment property, HATERS will be there to tell you it does not work!

If you set out to invest in steady growth mutual funds for the long term, a broke fast talking HATER will pitch you on a get rich quick scheme to help you lose your investment fast!

If your goal is to work out and shed some pounds a HATER will be there delivering a couple chocolate cakes to you

If you set out to achieve something great for yourself and it does not work out as planned, rather then encouraging you to try again with a slightly different approach HATERS will flock to remind you of your failure

Life will throw new challenges at us every day. This will usually involve a major hiccup like getting scammed or cheated in some way. It’s a natural reaction for us to get all pissed off and give up BUT if you take a moment to really evaluate the situation really only we can blame ourselves for letting someone or some situation get the better of us!

Kat Williams said it best Live your life! People are going to hate on you regardless, be grateful for what you have going on! A haters job is to hate so let them do their job! (I cleaned up what he really says, my Grandma reads my blog!)

Something will always get in the way of us achieving our goals easily! If goal crushing was easy we would all be fit, healthy and rich!

When you quit on your goals and dreams and SETTLE you let a HATER win! 2015 is your year stay focused and kick ass at everything you set out to do!

If you fall off shoot me an email michaelalder34@gmail.com and I’ll push you back on track!

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