Real Estate Strategy Session: It’s OK To Be Scared

By | March 7, 2016

It’s another great day to analyze deals

In this episode of Real Estate Strategy Session I share a story about how I recently was scared to make a tiny investment and after analyzing it I came to the realization that my thinking was completely ridiculous!

It’s OK to be scared but it’s not OK to do nothing!

I share how to map out the pro’s and cons of each deal you are after and how to push yourself to go much bigger in 2016

Hit me up if you are stuck or scared and lets push through it together

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Resources Mentioned:
Mark Padolsky

Hard Money Lenders


2 thoughts on “Real Estate Strategy Session: It’s OK To Be Scared

  1. Alex

    Hey Mike,

    Great message for this podcast. I think it’s very easy to allow our fears to overwhelm and control us to the point of inaction. I’m the definition of someone paralyzed by inaction. For some reason I have allowed my fears and what if scenarios to keep me from taking action and reaching my full potential. I’m tired of it!

    The message in your podcast reminds me of the movie Risky Business. Sometimes you just have to say WTF and make your move!

    Thanks Mike!


    1. Mike Post author

      Hey Alex,

      Thank you for connecting and listening to the show! We all suffer from negative “what if” syndrome but the goal is to break through these ridiculous fears to take our life and business to the next level. If you ever want to jump on a quick call to map out a plan moving forward feel free to contact me. Thanks



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