Matt Theriault Of Epic Real Estate Investing Shares His Journey To Freedom!

By | February 12, 2015
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This weeks featured guest: Matt Theriault of Epic Real Estate Investing!
Matt shares his journey of creating an underground Hip Hop label, living the dream after serving in the Marine Corp. 3 years later Matt LOST IT ALL as the digital download changed the music industry, sending him to a job bagging groceries for $7.00 an hour! Matt was tipped off by the store manager that he needed to be involved in real estate as it was a place the “average Joe” could achieve financial freedom.
Matt took MASSIVE ACTION became a Real Estate agent then switched to Real Estate Investor after seeing the returns and freedom it offered!
Matt made his first successful investment in Long Beach CA netting him over $26,000 profit! From there Matt didn’t waste any time investing, he built a team and starting investing in turn key real estate across the midwest being involved in almost 1,000 deals!!

Matt also shares:
Personal and financial goals
Real Estate marketing strategies
Simple steps to start investing today!

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Stay tuned for many more episodes & enhancements. Enjoy the show!

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