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By | March 29, 2015

TAT-podcast-FB-300A few weeks back I shared that I started selling “Gigs” on

I didn’t jump in because of the big $5.00 payday I’d receive from each gig. I actually tried it out because of posts I had read by guys like Nick Loper, Alex Barker and Patrick McCoy. I figured if these successful entrepreneurs are doing it there must be something I’m missing and should try my hand in it as well!

I decided to shoot several “how to” videos sharing the knowledge I had gained from my experiences selling on Amazon and investing in Real Estate. Each of these videos were listed as a $5.00 gig and under 5 minutes each.

After uploading a few videos organic sales came rolling in! What was interesting is that only 2 of my 5 “gigs” were making sales, the other 3 had zero sales!

This was my “lightbulb” moment! is not only a great place to hire people for their services but it is the ultimate testing platform to see if you hold a marketable service!

If you wanted to start an online service based business or a coaching business you can take your ideas and do a test launch on each idea using fiverr.

As the market responds to your gigs you will know what people really are interested in THEN you can take the time and effort to build a website, hire content writers, have an assistant handle your social media and invest in ads!!

Could you imagine putting in all that effort before finding out if there is a market for your services??

This is my input on and why I feel it’s the ultimate place to gain “proof of concept” for your ideas before the big launch!

But there’s more!! I reached out to Patrick McCoy and Alex Barker requesting they share their experiences selling gigs on as they were an influence on me. I want to share their knowledge so you can start “Taking Action Today” and bring your ideas and services to the market!

Here’s What Patrick Mccoy has to say about

The best approach I have found is to use Fiverr as an experiment. experimenting with Fiverr doesn’t just put money in your pocket, it allows you to have access to hundreds of thousands of buyers for creating a unique offer.

Many people go into Fiverr and just assume that they will throw up one or two offers and then sit back and collect money. They are usually confronted with hundreds of similar sellers and this is where experimenting comes in.

The person who spends time tweaking titles, ad copy and even keywords will dominate small niches while other sellers will struggle to even get a sale. I ask myself these simple questions every two to three days.

Is my offer generating decent traffic? If not adjust Title, ad copy and then keywords in that order.
Is my offer getting favored by customers? If not consider sweating the deal or reducing the time for an order.
Does my offer have a unique image or video? It’s important to consider but the first things many customers see is that image or video. Make it unique but also make it original and stand out.
It’s important to note that offers should be looked a daily until sales start rolling in. Until that happens keep adjusting different things in your offer to get your sales where they need to be. If you have any other questions you can connect with me at or check out my own unique Fiverr offers at

Alex Barker shares his journey and a wealth of fiverr knowledge here:

I’ve made all the mistakes you can make on Fiverr. If I had only taken the advice I’m offering to you, I would have saved a ton of time and made more money. I work full time and have a family, so I don’t have any time to waste. That’s why I’m sharing everything I’ve learned with you, so you can get on Fiverr and start putting dollars in your back pocket ASAP.
Also, stay tuned until the very end, because I will be giving away the exact strategies I use to increase my Fiverr gig reviews which helps me increase my sales (and thus, buy my wife a new stove. Boom! Win-Win).
The best advice I can offer to anyone starting on Fiverr is:
Find the top selling gigs on Fiverr (click here to see a list of Top Rated Fiverr gigs) and purchase at least three.
Wait, isn’t the point of Fiverr to make money, Alex?
Of course. But, you need to buy the best-selling gigs because you want to find out about their secret sauce. You need to know:
Why is their gig selling so hot?
Is it their gig description?
Is it their profile picture or gig pictures?
Maybe it’s the gig video?
You need to find out exactly what they are doing to deliver a popular Fiverr gig so you can copy their success and apply it to your own gig.
If you’ve never made money on Fiverr, why not spend $5 to learn from the professionals?
I did a special experiment for you and Mike to show you how easy it is to get started on Fiverr.
Step 1 : Find someone who is achieving the results that you want
I identified Anarchofighter.
Here are two interviews with him on how he bought a house with Fiverr gigs and how he made $10,000 from one Fiverr gig.His main Fiverr gig is a sharing a “secret” resource to gain PR that isn’t well-known amongst business owners.
Lesson #1: Find a “secret” resource that most people do not know about
This may seem like a roadblock to most people. After all, how can you uncover a secret that most people don’t know about?
This is called the “curse of knowledge.”Wikipedia defines the “curse of knowledge” as: A cognitive bias that leads better-informed parties to find it extremely difficult to think about problems from the perspective of lesser-informed parties.
In other words,just because you understand a particular subject does not mean that everyone else understands it!
If you can’t think of anything that you’re an expert in, try this exercise:
1 – Write down a list of five areas in which you are an expert.
2 – Research online to see if people are paying for a service in your area of expertise.
My example:
1 – Knowledge of SEO and Amazon ranking system (although, I will not claim that I am an expert).
2 – Yes! I know friends who are SEO experts that are paid well for their services.
You don’t have to be an expert in the area, you could be knowledgeable enough to know how to find the information.
How can I turn my knowledge into something easily deliverable on the Fiverr platform?
I can make a guide.
If Anarchofighter is providing a resource, I can provide a guide (which could lead to a client hiring me for SEO services).
So that’s what I did.
I created an outline of an Amazon Ranking Guide,told my VA (virtual assistant) exactly what each section should include, and he finished the rest.
Tools used:
Dragon Dictation iPhone App (I speak, it makes a transcript.)
Google Docs (to create and share my outline with my VA)
Time spent:
15 minutes
$50 to my VA (potentially free if you do it yourself)
(my VA offered $40 for the guide, but I really like him so I paid him extra)
Step 2 : Review an expert’s Fiverr gig and take notes
Let’s take a look at Anarchofighter’s most popular gig:
Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 3.27.13 PM
Lesson #2:Create a compelling gig title
This gig states the desired result-“Local Media Publicity”-first. This guy is a true copy writer. Business owners know that media coverage brings in business. Thus, he hooks in readers who want that end result.
How I applied this lesson:
My original title: “I will teach you how to increase your rank on Amazon.”
But, the end result is at the end of the title. Boo, Alex!

PLUS, this end result isn’t very desirable to my target audience. FBA sellers and Kindle authors don’t care so much about increasing their SEO rank in Amazon (although this is important). They care about more sales.
New title: “I will increase your Amazon sales with this step-by-step formula”
So, let’s look at Anarchofighter’s description:
Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 3.45.54 PM
Lesson #3: Write copy that address the viewer’s objections
Anarchofighter uses about 33 percent of his description space to address buyers’ objections.
What would my typical Amazon seller’s objections be about my Fiverr gig?

It’s a waste of $5.
Have others received any benefit from this gig?
How I addressed their objections:
Offering a money-back guarantee.
Garnering two 5-star reviews so far (still working on this).
My description:
Increase your Amazon sales
When you make the positive decision to get this gig, you get:
The step-by Step Secret to the Number 1 spot on Amazon search engine
This approach is so simple and powerful that you’ll be using it for years to come!
This System Does the Hard Work for You.
A Method that Works Internationally.
100% Satisfaction-Guaranteed. (Say, “Not for me,” and it’s free!)
When placing your order, please consider the valuable and highly specific gig extras.
For just $5 more, I will do the work of a SEO specialist for you (a $45 value). You get the specific steps and keywords for a top-searched product using the Amazon insider secret.
Finally, for $10 you’ll be given valuable SEO keyword data about your specific product (U.S Market Only)
Now, your first reaction may be, “Alex, you nearly copied that awesome Fiverr gig word-for-word. Isn’t he going to be P.O.’d?”
Well, maybe. But I’m not even in the same league as Anarchofighter. Hopefully, he’d be flattered. Plus, he’s not the first person to write sales copy like that before.
But, more importantly, this method is how I run every aspect of my business.
Time spent:
15 minutes
My business method:
Copy successful people (not steal copyright), and apply the lessons to my own business.
This lesson has helped my business go from making $200/month in 2013, to more than$4,000/month in 2015
What are the next steps for this gig?
Reviews are crucial to a gig’s success. Without a review on your gig, you will likely not get a single order. Social proof is essential to your success on Fiverr.
I created a quick and simple guide on how to earn more gig reviews here.
Now, it’s only a matter of time before I see results.
Let’s look at the stats.
Time spent:
45 minutes
Stay tuned
I blog about my online endeavours while working as afull-time pharmacist, full-time husband and father, and, oh yeah, a Japanese comic book (Manga) fanatic. I’ll be sharing my results with Fiverr, too.
Also, if you’d like an expert’s review on how to make money using Fiverr, check out Patrick Dawson’s book Double Your Fiverr Income

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