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By | October 5, 2015



This weeks featured guest is Mikel Miller

I met Mikel by shooting him a direct message off We spoke on the phone for about 20 minutes and Mikel’s story blew my mind! Mikel works 70+ hours per week at his day job and in a search to gain more time with his family he turned to virtual real estate investing. What I love about Mikel’s story is that he decided to make a change in his life, spent about 2 months gaining education then took MASSIVE MASSIVE ACTION to become a successful real estate investor!

In this episode we will learn:
How to get started wholesaling
Targeting eviction lists
Utilizing investor’s buyers lists
Finding highly motivated sellers
Team building
Hiring VA’s

Resources mentioned

Connect with Mikel Miller 863-229-0155
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Stay tuned for many more episodes & enhancements. Enjoy the show!

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