Real Estate Strategy Session Podcast Is Here

By | February 6, 2016

Welcome to Real Estate Strategy Session with Michael Alder

After being fed up with the noise and nonsense being pitched in the seminar rooms I decided to create this podcast to deliver simplified easy to follow strategies so you can boost and build your real estate investing business immediately

In this first episode you will hear the short version of my story and the very first step you can take to start investing in real estate today.

The days of analysis paralysis are over!

Expect new episodes twice a week and if something is holding you back in your real estate investing business please email me and I’d love to feature your question on the show. If I personally do not know the answer I will bring on the expert that does

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2 thoughts on “Real Estate Strategy Session Podcast Is Here

  1. Dee Motley

    Great information Mike! It is overwhelming starting out as a real estate investor. There are so many different strategies to learn. Focus is the key. Thank you so much for being transparent and honest. One of the challenges I have is getting properties under contract but now having enough cash buyers to market the properties to. I look forward to future podcasts to teach us how to build a cash buyers list.

    Take care!


    1. Mike Post author

      Thanks Dee! From what I’ve seen you are doing everything right! Keep it up, it can take a while in the beginning but eventually your business does explode with financial rewards


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