48 Months To Freedom!

By | June 26, 2015



Lets become financially free in 4 short years!

In an attempt to start new businesses I realized I had spread myself too thin and this lack of focus caused me to lose traction in other areas of my life! I had not been growing my investments at the same speed that I had the previous year. It hit me that we are already on the third quarter of this year and I needed to turn things around immediately! I joined mastermind groups and hired accountability partners to keep me on track as I still get distracted by “bright and shiny” concepts

More importantly I cover a strategy that ANYONE can follow to leave the “rat race” within 48 months!
I share how I raised private money to purchase 2 more investment properties
Left the closing table with over $20,000 in cash using this strategy
How we are reinvesting the $20k to increase our cash flow
Most importantly building a new partnership to over $1.5 million in less then 4 years!

If you are not already on my list now is the time to jump on as I will be launching my 4 week “private money” mastermind. This will give you everything you need to raise unlimited amounts of private money for your real estate investments!

Visit http://michaelalder.com to get your free audio “15 Days to 50K” this audio gives you the strategies needed to find unlimited amounts of private money

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