Real Estate Strategy Session: How To Find And Hire The Right Mentor

By | February 12, 2016

Welcome Back! A big hurdle in growing your business is finding and hiring the right mentor to take your business to the next level. Unfortunately many of us become blinded by the big name info marketers that want to sell us on “lifestyle” and do not bother to help us with strategy! In this episode I’ll share my simple 4 steps I believe you should follow before you hire your… Read More »

Real Estate Strategy Session: Use This Simple Negotiation Strategy

By | February 9, 2016

Welcome Back! In this episode I share how I make offers and schedule follow ups on every deal to guarantee profits This episode is short but there is no need to over complicate this, take action on the strategy shared on this podcast and please email me your results Grab your free stuff at if you have an awesome negotiation strategy that works well for you please email me… Read More »

Real Estate Strategy Session: Building A Cash Buyers List Fast

By | February 8, 2016

Having a cash buyers list is a huge asset to your real estate investing business In this episode I will cover several strategies to build this list very quickly and at almost zero expense Resources mentioned in this episode include: Hard Money Lenders REIA groups As always I’d love to hear from you and your journey as a real estate investor. Shoot me an email… Read More »

Real Estate Strategy Session Podcast Is Here

By | February 6, 2016

Welcome to Real Estate Strategy Session with Michael Alder After being fed up with the noise and nonsense being pitched in the seminar rooms I decided to create this podcast to deliver simplified easy to follow strategies so you can boost and build your real estate investing business immediately In this first episode you will hear the short version of my story and the very first step you can take… Read More »

5 Easy Steps To Find The Right Mentor For You

By | January 10, 2016

There is no doubt that by doing a quick search on YouTube the answers to all your questions can be found online for free but nothing beats having someone that can hold your hand and guide you to the next level in your business and life. To this day I hire coaches and attend mastermind groups to hold me accountable on my business goals. I always want to expand my… Read More »

Building A Hot Cash Buyers List with Mikel Miller

By | January 4, 2016

    Mikel Miller is on fire! for those of you that don’t know Mikel he started investing less then a year ago and has already quit his job to go full time as a real estate investor We cut right to the point and discover Mikel’s strategies to find cash buyers. Most of these strategies are completely free and highly effective! Here is Mikel’s resources for building a real… Read More »

10 Slick Headers To Target Motivated Sellers On Craigslist

By | December 30, 2015

Craigslist is an insanely powerful completely free tool. I just read an article that stated craigslist has over 60 million US visitors every month! 60 MILLION!! The days of excuses are over! With that many potential customers at your finger tips for free you need to quit gossiping on Facebook and start posting ads! Here are 10 highly effective headers to get your phone ringing and inbox filling up with… Read More »

The Definition Of Freedom With Brock Collins

By | December 17, 2015

    This weeks featured guest is Brock Collins of the Freedom Real Estate Investing Podcast! Growing up in a blue collar area, Brock wanted to create financial freedom for himself and he family. He started reading books and attending seminars in search for a way to invest using very little to no money to create freedom. Fast forward and Brock shares how he has been able to complete 100’s… Read More »

Escape The Newbie Zone with Chris Bruce

By | December 4, 2015

    This weeks featured guest is Chris Bruce from Escape The Real Estate Newbie Zone Chris Bruce’s story is beyond inspiring! In 2006 Chris took the plunge into real estate by purchasing his first rental property in Detroit MI. After the market crash Chris lost this property to foreclosure (many of us can relate to this) This didn’t discourage Chris from winning at this business. He moved to Tampa… Read More »

What The Guru’s Are Not Telling You

By | November 26, 2015

The truth about real estate investing and what the gurus aren’t telling you “It’s so easy to make money in Real Estate that I’ll be a Millionaire by 25″ “Come to my seminar and I’ll show you how to make 6 figures in 60 days” “You can become an instant millionaire buying and selling Real Estate without money or credit” You’ve heard these pitched before on the late night infomercials.… Read More »