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By | September 29, 2014

This week has been eventful to say the least!

I usually always start with the bad and finish with the good but there was so much good this week I have to share now!!

5 weeks ago Anthony G took me to dinner and was looking for advice on how to start investing in Real Estate. We laid out a clear plan and he started immediately! This week was his week! He landed a killer deal in Painesville OH that we now have under contract to buy. It’s official Anthony is a real estate investor!!

My friend June R decided to get back into real estate investing on Sept 10th this year. She took action immediately! This week she has been in negotiations on 2 Cleveland properties and any day now she will have her first deal under contract!

I started a new side partnership with Jason W. He was scouting properties like crazy and landed us a great deal in Collinwood! The property is already cash flowing and only in need of cosmetic work!

This week I was able to get 3 investment properties under contract! I am the cash buyer for Anthony G’s Painesville property he scouted and locked up for me, I am partners with Jason W on his Collinwood property and I was able to find a great deal on a dated Collinwood home off St Clair! Everything is under contract and ready to take title on! 3 deals in 1 week is a new personal best for me.

But I didn’t stop there…

Although I was unsuccessful I went after 18 more properties this week. I sent Anthony G with several “Racks” to the Cleveland tax sale. I was interested in 15 homes on the list and Anthony was there to buy at least 3 of the 15. I was pumped about this and very confident we would come out of the auction with several other properties added to the portfolio. Anthony was there at 9:00 am reading the crowd and ready to tackle our deals that went on sale at 1:00. Anthony kept texting me stating that everyone was paying far more then the properties were worth but I wasn’t worried I figured the crowd would run out of funds before our listings came up at 1:00.


It was Anthony’s turn to bid on our deals and one by one they were bid up to amounts we would never pay for properties! I was especially happy he was disciplined enough not to get “caught up” in the bidding frenzy and over pay for properties that we couldn’t turn a profit on!

I also placed offers on 3 more single family homes in Collinwood. Two of them were found by Jason W and one was a lead from my BANDIT SIGNS!! All offers were rejected but I’m not worried! Most of my offers are rejected the first time around it’s when I follow up 4 weeks later that I typically win and lock them up under contract!

A year ago I would of never thought I could buy 3 properties in a week or have the guts to try! This shows that when you stay focused on your goals, surround yourself with winners and continue to grow daily anything is possible!

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