Make 90 Ridiculous Offers On Properties Every Month!

By | September 16, 2014

Make 90 crazy offers on properties every month???

I’ve noticed that some Real Estate investors are afraid to make “low ball” offers on properties. They go into a deal thinking “they would never accept what I could offer to turn a profit on this” so rather than try they just leave or tell them they are not interested.

I was actually guilty of this myself for a while until one day I was at an auction and happened to be sitting next to an investor that was known to flip 100 houses per year in my area.

I had to ask him “how do you have enough leads to flip 100 houses every year?” His response was “to flip 100 houses every year I make 90 crazy low offers on properties every month” he then told me that out of those 90 offers about 9 of them stick and that is how he makes his money

That short conversation opened my eyes and changed my thinking. I contacted my team and told them we will always make an offer on a property from now on! Since then I have done just that and properties I would of never made an offer on before we now put in ridiculous offers on every property. I even purchased a home for $1000.00 this year and sold it 10 days later for $2500.00. I realize that is not a big deal but it came from a deal that I would of never made an offer on in the past.

If you are nervous about doing this in person start by email. View deals on craigslist, analyze them and make a crazy offer on them. Who knows, your first crazy offer may get accepted and with good marketing you could have a payday 10 days later as well!

If you need more motivation to get started making offers and jump starting your Real Estate investing business check out “Think Big and Kick Ass” I have read the book and listened to the audio version countless times and it has kept me focused on my goals!

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