30 Day 90 Ridicilous Offer Challenge

By | December 1, 2014

IMG_5583-M-275vOnly 30 days left in 2014 so let’s go out with a BANG!

How many deals can you pull off??

How much money can you make??

I’ve noticed the challenge for many new real estate investors is not being able to find enough deals to ramp up their business.

Here is the solution:


I learned this while I was sitting next to a local investor at an auction that flips over 100 houses a year, this investor told me his strategy was to make 90 ridiculous offers each month to land 9 highly profitable deals.
I’ve since implemented this investment strategy in my life because it works!

Here is the open challenge to you:
If you are ready to get serious with real estate investing you need to be comfortable making countless ridiculous offers on properties. I’m talking about offers that will make you cringe when you submit them.


All offers can be made by email on Craigslist listings so an insane seller doesn’t blow up your phone or personal email address over your insulting offer.

Trust me, making 90 ridiculous offers will turn you into a negotiation pro!

Still nervous to take on this challenge??

No worries, my team and I will be doing this as well. I will make a minimum of 3 ridiculous offers everyday in the month of December to see what I actually get accepted. Most will be submitted by email and who ever counters close to my offer I will go to work on!

All my offers will be posted on The Challenge Page and I hope you jump in for the ride to share your techniques. Their will be support available on how to structure and submit offers.

Here’s what’s in it for you:

With a competitive vibe in the air, this will boost your self esteem and get you to take action!

Start making offers and share them with me michaelalder34@gmail.com. I’ll post them on the page to motivate others to up their game!

What if your ridiculous offer gets accepted???


You are getting paid!!!

But not only do you make bank and have bragging rights but my team will vote on who had the most creative deal

I’ll send the winner a $200.00 Amazon gift card!

Who is going to judge this madness??

Emerich Herbst, Roosevelt Goodman and myself will be the judges (I hope they read this post, I haven’t told them yet!)

Still not sure how to start?? Coaching is available, view our coaching packages RIGHT HERE

For every COACHING PACKAGE sold in December I will donate 50% of it to womensafe.org

100% of all affiliate commissions earned off of michaelalder.com in December will be donated to womensafe.org as well!

Let’s recap on this challenge:

Making 90 ridiculous offers this month can make you lots of $$$$

This will build your confidence and challenge you to get even more creative with your negotiations

You can win an additional $200.00 to shop on Amazon

If you need and purchase COACHING in December 50% will go to womansafe.org to help someone less fortunate this month

Anything purchased on my RESOURCES page in December that I earn a commission on will be donated directly to womensafe.org this month

What’s the worse that can happen here??


Sounds like wins for everyone to me!

Get in the game and TAKE ACTION TODAY!

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