Earn 5 Figures Per Month Selling On Amazon With Andy Slamans

By | March 20, 2015



Today’s featured guest is Andy Slamans

In this episode Andy shares his journey of how he started selling products he found on clearance in big box stores and thrift stores then resold these products on Amazon for Profits!

Andy realized he could increase his income and leave the “grind” by creating his own brand of existing products then selling these products with little competition for huge profits.

He now has his own brand with 18 different products all available on amazon with his current gross monthly sales of $89,000 with a net profit of roughly 27%

We also cover the success and demand for Andy and Maggie’s course “Alibaba to Amazon” that can be found at slamazonprivatelabel.com I share my story with Andy that after hearing he was selling 200 spots for his course I decided to sign up but all the spots were sold out by the time I took action!

I am not an affiliate for this course but if you have an interest in private label I recommend going to slamazonprivatelabel.com for more info! Also do not drag your feet if you want to sign up or you may miss out like I did on the first round!

Connect with Andy at:

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Stay tuned for many more episodes & enhancements. Enjoy the show!

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