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TAT-podcast-FB-300-ABAre you stuck in analysis paralysis or constantly distracted by the “bright and shiny” concepts of real estate investing? We all struggle with this but it’s time to take action and get results together!

There are two big ways to invest in real estate

1.Smooth-talk your way into a no-money-down seller finance or assignment deal.

2. Pay cash

Guess which way gets the most deals, produces the least amount
of stress, and makes the most money?

That’s right … CASH.

I’m sure you know how to structure a “no money down” wholesale deal then assign your contract for your big payday but how much time did it take you to put that together?

After the time you spent negotiating, securing then marketing to get it sold before your contract expired was that payday worth it?


Wouldn’t it be easier to just whip out your checkbook and pay
cash for everything? Doesn’t that sound simpler?
I found it to be a heck of a lot easier to have the ability to write a check for the property, take clear title then take on one of countless exit strategies to get paid from your new investment.

You may be thinking “great Mike let me just dip into thousands of dollars I don’t have and write checks for properties I currently can not afford”

I understand your frustration but stick with me! I’ve have been in your shoes before!

After dropping out of high school in 97 I took a job as a carpet installer helper. I loved the semi freedom this brought as I wasn’t a “slave” to the 9 to 5 but I knew deep down there had to be something much more fulfilling for me in life.
After becoming a teenage dad in 99 I wanted to create more for my family. Real estate infomercials were everywhere at this time and I got sucked into the hype. Rather than hiring a mentor and educating myself on investing I just went out and purchased real estate. In my mind that’s what “rich people” did, buy real estate, get rich!

How ridiculous is that?

This was a time when the banks were handing out money like crazy and I was borrowing with no end in sight. Everything seemed good except I forgot to educate myself about deadbeat tenants, slime ball contractors and adjustable rate mortgages. We both know what happened next…
I went broke, really broke! My properties went into foreclosure, my cars were repossessed and I struggled to provide the basic necessities for my family. I crawled back to my carpet business feeling like a loser and no sign of freedom in sight. As painful as this was I never lost interest in real estate. I read every book, studied every program, attended seminars and scheduled lunches with local mentors. Finally I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to take action again!

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I jumped back into real estate in 2008 with no money and no credit. What I did have was a desire to succeed! I needed money to scale my business and banks wanted nothing to do with me. I needed to find investment capital to change my current situation immediately.
I started a long complicated search for private money just to realize it was sitting in front of me the whole time!
After going through my entire network I landed my first investor. I created a successful track record with him. Because of this the return he earned backing me word spread fast and the floodgates of private money opened up to me! I now have access to more money then I can possibly invest and I want to show you how to do the same!

Imagine having access to an endless bank account for you to buy cash producing real estate. What would this do for your current situation? Give you more time, build a nest egg, leave your dreaded 9 to 5, create a comfortable retirement or just give you more options!
Using “other peoples money” can allow you to do fix & flips, buy and hold rentals, secure wholesale deals and increase your net worth without risking your money or credit!

Wealthy investors are everywhere many are already in your current network. Investing is so much easier when you have the edge over other investors by utilizing other peoples money!

I’m rolling out the private money mastermind

4 weeks preparing you to close your first privately funded deal! These will consist of 1 hour google hangouts once a week plus private Facebook group to network and get your questions answered during the week.
In these 4 weeks we will cover:
•What we really need private money for
•How to analyze properties to be sure they are deals your potential lenders will want to fund
•Where to find private lenders
•What to offer lenders in exchange for funding your deals
•contacting, scheduling and closing our first privately funded deal

All of this for only $197.00
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If you wondered how investors have access to “unlimited funding” then you do not want to miss out on this!

2 thoughts on “Private Money Mastermind

  1. Daniel

    Hey Mike,i’m sure you’ve probably been there.I can almost tell just from reading your blogs and everything and congrats on getting out of the rat race and doing what you love.I hope to one day achieve that independence to where i have to answer to no one except myself as well.But i have a family to support and i’m the only one bringing in an income (talk about pressure) and we’re practically one paycheck away from the poorhouse…I would love to take part in this training but taking $197 away from my paycheck right now just isn’t feasable.I know its an investment that would payoff 10 fold,but right now this just isn’t an option for me.I wanted to take the time and thank you for all that you do,you truly are an inspiration and i will continue to follow you because of that.Again thank you for everything you do.


    1. Mike Post author

      Hey Dan,
      Thanks for reaching out and sharing your situation with me, I have been there before! Lets jump on a call to see if we can tun that around and get your finances in the right direction! My direct email is I hope to hear from you soon!



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