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By | November 13, 2014

IMG_5583-M-300Just over two years ago I was leaving my house with my wife for a run. I couldn’t find anything to download to my phone to listen to. My wife suggested I download some podcast shows. I had no clue what a podcast was. (I’m always late to the party!)
She installed the app on my phone, and I began my search for personal development and business shows. Right away I listened to Anthony Robbins on a Ted Talk, and the “5 am Miracle Podcast” with Jeff Sanders. My mind was blown with all the free information shared on these shows!
I added shows like “Do Over” by Matt Theriault epicproacademy.com and “Internet Business Mastery.” I soaked up as much information as possible. In the past, I was a seminar junkie and used to seeing $1000+ price tags attached to info like this. I was hooked and quickly experienced content overload!
In October 2013 I was running the Cleveland Rock in Roll Mini Marathon. To entertain myself, I downloaded random episodes of a show called “Entrepreneur on Fire.” John lee Dumas was interviewing someone named Pat Flynn from the “Smart Passive Income Podcast.” I honestly cannot remember what Pat talked about on that interview, but all I know is I was now on team Flynn after that day!
I downloaded episode after episode of “Smart Passive Income” and absorbed all the content on affiliate marketing and selling digital products online! My goal has always been to be a successful real estate investor, but I knew I needed to add these income streams to my life! Because of this, I wrote my first book. It had very few sales, but I did it!
I loved that podcasters shared such valuable information for free! In the back of my head I decided some day I would have my own show.
Before I could start my own show I wanted to start my business online. Having zero tech knowledge, I needed someone to show me how to blog, attract an audience, and launch products if I wanted to be successful with this.
I was working on one of my properties and to drown out the sounds of complaints from the other trades, I turned on an episode of 5 am Miracle podcast where Jeff Sanders interviewed Kimanzi Constable of kimanziconstable.com.
Kimanzi shared his story of being over worked, unfulfilled, writing two books with minimal sales before he figured out what worked, and went on to sell 82,000+ copies of his book “Are You Living or Existing.”
I was over worked, had a book with no sales, and desperately needed a coach! I reached out to Kimanzi as his story was so relatable, and he coached me on everything I needed to be successful in this market.
Kimanzi also introduced me to Doc Kennedy of dreamwarriors.net and the “Dream Warriors Podcast.” Doc is insanely cool and gave me my first podcast interview!
During the interview I was a nervous wreck! I didn’t know what stories to share and I said “Um” after every word! I was kind of bummed after the interview, I felt I let Doc down, but he polished everything up and released my interview. He promoted my interview on all the social media sites and this was a boost to my confidence!
I was tagged in a conversation on twitter between Doc and Jared Easley of starvethedoubts.com, and co founder of podcast movement. I thanked Jared for tagging me in the post and he told me I was good on the show. I thought this guy is a solid dude boosting my confidence like that.
After being a guest on Doc’s show, I listened to an interview he did with Anthony Tran of marketingaccesspass.com. I liked Anthony’s story. He stated Tony Robbins was a huge influence on him as well, and Anthony wasn’t afraid to take action to achieve his goals. I starting listening to his podcast, “Marketing Access Pass”, and he didn’t disappoint!
I became a big fan of the show, and after listening to them; I would shared them on Twitter. To my surprise, Anthony hit me back and thanked me for sharing. I reached out to him on Facebook just to let him know I thought the show was great and kept me focused on my goals.
About a week later I was checking on my investment properties and needed something to listen to on my drive. I noticed Anthony Tran had a new show out with Cliff Ravenscraft of podcastanswerman.com. I turned it on, and in his introduction, he gave me a shout out in the intro to the show. My first podcast shoutout! I had freakin chills as I had no idea he was going to do that. That made my day and confirmed that I wanted to be a Podcaster.
After listening to countless shows, I have yet to come across one that bashed and put people down. Everything I’ve listened to has been about delivering amazing content on any subject and helping people become more successful.
I hired Gabe Fedor of Riffster Productions riffster.com to handle all of the recording, and editing for my show “Taking Action Today.” It will launch on November 13th! Check it out HERE With my love for real estate investing, there will be lots of real estate talk but more than that; I really want to motivate people to take action on creating their ideal lifestyle!
Expect interviews from people who took action, and because of their grind and efforts, they are able to live the lifestyle of their dreams funded by streams of passive income! HUGE Thanks to Jilienne Alder, my four wild children, and all of you who have motivated me to take action!

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